Make a Tofu-Raspberry Pineapple Smoothie


Tofu-Raspberry-Pineapple Smoothie mixed with aromatic tofu and tangy raspberries and pineapples is a filling beverage you can simply drink when you have no appetite.


  • 100g Greek Yogurt

  • 80g Tofu

  • 50g Raspberry

  • 50g Pineapple

  • 200ml Milk

  • 15g Nuts

  • 3-4 Pieces Ice


  1. Cut the tofu in thirds.

  2. Put the Greek yogurt, tofu, raspberries, pineapples, milk and ice in a mixer for mixing.

  3. When the Tofu-Raspberry-Pineapple Smoothie is made, pour it into a nice cup and decorate it with nuts.

  4. Enjoy!