Make Greek Yoghurt Parfait


A Sour and Sweet Greek Yoghurt Parfait can make a great breakfast or dessert.

Add whole grain muesli instead of cereal and put various nuts, seasonal fruits and honey to make Greek Yogurt Parfait that is healthier and more agreeable to your taste.


  • 100g Greek Yogurt

  • Honey

  • 2 Types of Cereal – Confectionary bars or wafers (15g)

  • Fresh fruits or cooked fruit coulis as needed

  • 50g Nuts – Almonds or similar

Making the Greek Yoghurt can be done in the Kuvings Cheese and Yoghurt Maker.


  1. Pour Greek yogurt and honey into a bowl and mix them well.

  2. Prepare a parfait cup. First, put one type of cereal.

  3. Pour the Greek yogurt mixed with honey to fill up to 1/3 of the cup and then add fresh fruits or cooked fruit coulis.

  4. Then, pour Greek yogurt on top of that again to fill up another 1/3 of the cup. Then, add the leftover cereal.

  5. Pour the remaining Greek yogurt and top it with fruits or nuts.

  6. Use candy bars or wafers for decoration.

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